SCP Omoding Wilson Otuna, Chairman of Exodus SACCO, has praised the Parliament Committee’s recommendations to their cooperative, affirming that appropriate actions have been initiated to address each concern raised by stakeholders.

While acknowledging the committee’s findings, Omoding In a press briefing on Monday emphasized that the report failed to fully capture the journey, accomplishments, and hurdles of Exodus SACCO from 2020 to the present which also includes the significant strides in member engagement, loan and savings growth, and fostering financial empowerment.

“From ensuring voluntary membership to maintaining transparent communication with members and upholding regulatory standards, Exodus SACCO is steadfast in its commitment to prioritize member welfare and satisfaction, while championing fairness, inclusivity, and responsible financial stewardship,” he stated.

Following the directive by the Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker on February 1, 2023, instructing the Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs to investigate the operations of the Uganda Police Force Exodus SACCO, Omoding expressed gratitude for the guidance received from regulatory bodies, stakeholders, and members and he underscored the SACCO’s dedication to continual enhancement, responsiveness to feedback, and excellence in member service and cooperative advancement.

Addressing the recommendations, Omoding informed that Exodus SACCO management has corresponded with the registrar of cooperatives, furnishing necessary documentation in response to the issues raised.

Furthermore, engagement has been initiated with the Police Council, given the SACCO’s establishment by a council resolution in 2007, to align with recommendations from both entities in determining the way forward.

Operated under the auspices of the Uganda Police Force to enhance officers’ welfare, Exodus SACCO remains an autonomous, self-help entity governed by its members, devoid of interference from Police Management.

Aligned with the cooperative principle of Autonomy and Independence, Exodus SACCO directly engages its members through diverse channels including the Board, Management, Delegates, Community Liaison Officers (CLOs), and Unit commanders. This ensures constant updates on SACCO developments, ranging from shares, savings, loan products, system enhancements, to addressing member queries and concerns.

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