A family led by a daughter whose mother got healed of cancer and diabetes from Leonia-NNN Medical Research and Diagnostic Centre in Kasubi owned by David Ssenfuka, wants government to support the herbalist in order to save more lives in the country.

The daughter says her mother had cancer of the left breast, she underwent Chemotherapy before taking her to Apollo Hospital in India for surgery and then the Agakhan in Nairobi for Radiotherapy. This was because government was yet to install the new machine at the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI).

“When she returned in April last year, she again developed some tumor on her brain but by this time the Radiotherapy machine at UCI had been fixed and she did radio from here. But she kept so weak. We would practically carry her to everywhere for everything. I know you know what I mean,” narrates the daughter.

“One day in October last year while at Garden City, I happened to meet Justice Kwesiga. We greeted, chatted and then he asked me about my Mum. I informed him that she was down with cancer and had even developed diabetes. He sat me down at Cafe Pap for like a whole one hour, bought me coffee and told me about David Ssenfuka and Ssenfuka’s workmate the encologist Dr. Moses Mpairwe”

“The next day I ran to Kasubi to there LNNN Clinic. We started my Mum on their Herbal medicine on the 13th October, 2021. I can tell you, since then, she has never gotten any more seizures like she used to get, she walks herself up and about the home and takes walks outside,” she adds.

She explains that her mother’s hearing is getting restored, her appetite is great, her skin is glowing again, her toe and hand nails are so clean and perfect and that they nolonger visit clinics and hospitals so oftenly as they used.

“We have not seen any tumors that would require any radiotherapy,” she says.

Her mother had not been to the village in Mbarara in a while but last Christmas she travelled there with the relatives and on Christmas day she was in Church.

The Clinic runs several lab checkups for tumors, cancer markers and diabetes (glucose) and the last one shows all her main organs – the Liver, her right breast, Lungs, Pancreas, Kidneys, Heart, gallbladder, spleen are perfect.

“No traces of any cancer cells has been seen. What is remaining is for her to gain more strength following the chemotherapy effects generally on her body,” she says.

“Ssenfuka’s medicine has helped many people. You have to book so early to be seen. The last time, I saw the encologist at about 10.15pm having gone at about 3pm. At his clinic, I have met there the mighty and high in this country”

“We thank God that Mum is still alive and getting better by the day and pray for blessings for David Ssenfuka and his team. I hope the Government of Uganda will give him all the necessary support,” she says.

Ssenfuka’s medicine christened SD2018 has gone through animal trials and the results show that it is not only a remedy for diabetes but actually curative.

Using herbal remedies handed down to him by his late grandmother, Ssenfuka first treated a diabetic Pakistani friend he met in Dubai where he was working and living.

He has since treated several Ugandans, many of them high-profile and the kind one would not expect to find at a clinic in Kasubi-Munaku, and he has won the trust and partnership of an oncologist, Dr Moses Mpairwe, who assesses and monitors all Ssenfuka’s cancer patients.

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