The FDC party Spokesperson ,John Kikonyogo during one of the press conferences

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has asked the government to bring back the the Local Defence Units (LDUs) to come back and back up the security on the streets of Kampala.

While addressing journalists at the FDC headquarters on April 11,the party Spokesperson ,John Kikonyogo has called upon government to bring back the LDUs back to the streets of Kampala.This comes at a time when the panga wielding robbers are attacking people in different parts of Kampala.With the most recent being the attacks in Kyengera which left severe injuries on the attacked.

The FDC demands the new Deputy Inspector of General Police ,Maj Gen.Katsigazi Tumusiime through his authority to cooperate with his old colleagues and release the footages of these people robbing Ugandans.Kikonyogo adds that this should be done since their numerous CCTV cameras spread allover Kampala Metropolitan areas to be used in investigations.

He adds that if these robbers are arrested let the evidence got against them be kept with great protection so that the people they injured get justice .

Kikonyogo also blames the increase of such activities may be because chairmans of the various areas don’t really care about knowing the history of the new entrants in the ccommunity .The requirements of one in a new society is a letter from the area a new entrant has come from introducing them to the new chairman.He says that chairman these days care about money and neglect the needs of their people.

He adds that unemployment among the youth could also be among contribute to the high crime rate since people have no jobs to keep them busy and rather resume to robbery

However ,these panga wielding gangs started in Masaka last year and some people were arrested and convicted including ,Honourable members of Parliament ,Mohammed Ssegirinya of Kawempe North and Allan Ssewanyana of Makindye East but these killings have since resumed .

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