Worker’s representatives in Fort Portal have shun this year’s national labour’s day celebrations arguing that they have been sidelined in the planning of the day activities.

Prosper Businge, the worker’s representative to the Fort Portal City Council says some of the members have opted to shun the celebrations to show their displeasure over the manner in which city and worker’s leadership have been treated during the planning process for the day. 

He argued that that none of the local leader’s in the city had been allocated space on the agenda to represent concerns and issues within the city and the population. 

“If we cannot have our issues presented to the president, then we feel this is not our function” Proper noted.

URN also established that the City Mayor Edson Ruyonga informed the organizing committee that he is unwell and won’t be able to attend the function. 

However he had initially shown concern on how the local leadership had been kept off during the planning process by the national organizing committee. 

There has been concerns from both local leaders and the community in the city on the organization of the labour’s day arguing that even the lowest service providers have been hired from Kampala yet such services are available in Fort Portal City. 

Leaders are also disappointed that they were informed that Minister Tom Butiime and Peace Mutuzo will be the main master’s of ceremony and yet they are not leaders in the hosting City. 

In Fort Portal City centre and surrounding peri urban areas, business remains normal though with heightened security deployment on major town roads and streets. 

This years national celebrations were held in Fort Portal at Kabura play ground.

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