The NRM 1st Vice National Chairperson, Alhajji Moses Kigongo, has rallied the people of Gogonyo County in Pallisa to continue supporting the NRM because it has been tried and tested and thus cannot betray Ugandans.

“The movement will never let you down because our ideology currently is the socio-economic transformation for all Ugandans without discrimination in tribe or religion,” Alhajji Kigongo said.

Alhajji Kigongo made the remarks yesterday while campaigning for the party flagbearer in the Gogonyo By-election, Hon. Derrick Orone. He said that the movement is in power to serve the people of Uganda.

He urged the people to support the party’s flagbearer because he was the only one capable of lobbying for services and development from the central government for their community.

The NRM stalwart cautioned the people against being derailed by those in the opposition, whom he said have no will and capacity to render services to the people. On this, he rallied them to persuade those in opposition to join the movement.

“The people from the opposition should not confuse you to vote for their candidates. Only our candidate can lobby for services from the government. “You have to ensure that everyone opposing the movement is converted. It’s only the movement with the mandate of serving the people of Uganda,” he added.

Kigongo urged Orone to fulfill all his promises to the people to raise the flag of the party higher. “The party has entrusted you with its flag; ensure that you serve your people,” he said.

The party has entrusted its flag to you. Therefore, do not shame the movement. What the people require from you is service delivery, he urged.

Orone’s campaign team was boosted by Mr. Mukula Francis (Alias Quarter Pin), who was his rival in the contest for the #GogonyoByElection and agreed to support him.

Mr. Mukula, being a resident in Kaukura Sub County, urged the people to support Hon. Derrick to accomplish the pledges that he promised them.

“The opportunity has come for you to support a candidate whom you voted for in 2021. Vote for him again to represent you in Parliament.”

Gogonyo County goes to polls on Thursday 11th, August to choose their member of Parliament.

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