Abibu Buga khemis, the District Chairman of Obongi District in the West Nile region, has asked government and Development partners to scaling up infrastructural interventions in the refugee hosting districts.

“The pressures we are having with the refugee population is huge. Our resources particularly the environment is getting depleted. But our roads and social amenities too need improved,” Buga appealed.

He was speaking during an inspection of ongoing urban infrastructure development projects in the district.

The modern market of Ndirindiri and a Youth resource centre are being constructed at a cost of nearly 4 Billion shillings combined.

Part of the lock-up under construction at Ndirindiri market in Obongi District.

The funding is from the World Bank through Government and it falls under the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Devt.

The Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development Additional Funding programme USMID AF, is the lead agency supervising implementation.

“We need this West Nile region of ours to catch up with the rest of the country in infrastructure. This will improve on economic growth and activities, as well as income for our people,” said Dr George Bhoka the Obongi Member of Parliament.

The other refugee hosting districts that are implementing infrastructure projects under USMID AF, includes Moyo, Yumbe, Adjumani, Terego and Lamwo among others.

State Minister in charge of Urban Development, Obiga Kania, cuts a ribbon to commission the final touches of the 1.7 Billion shillings Ndirindiri Market in Obongi District. It is part of the USIMD-AF programme for refugee host districts.

The initiative under a $30 million dollars seeks to enhance living and working conditions within the refugee host districts, such as markets and recreation grounds.

“We are aware of some finanicial hold back for districts where implementation is slow. But the law requires that if implementing units do not absorb the monies. It is returned to the treasury. But we have since agreed with the World that all earlier allocations will have to be fully utilized,” Dr Isaac Mutenyo, the USMID AF Coordinator said.

State Minister for Urban Development Obiga Kania lays foundation brick at one of the USMID AF funded project in West Nile

USMID AF is a 5 year World Bank funded programme worth $390m dollars. It aims at enhancing roads, markets and recreational facilities in urban areas, cities and municipalities. Including the 10 refugee host districts.

Obiga Kania, the State Minister incharge of Urban Devt Obiga Kania, says the programme will make the entire country a much better place to do live in and do business.

“This programme is extremely useful in enabling particularly the refugee host districts to improve on the quality of life,” Obiga said.

Adding, if our infrastructure also improves as West Nile region, we shall be competitive with the rest of Uganda and contribute to impactful economic activities.

The 1.7 Billion shillings modern Ndirindiri market in Obongi District is set for completion by January 2023. It will have stalls and over 50 lockup shops.

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