The outgoing Director Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Grace Akullo has handed over office to Maj Tom Magambo. 

Akullo has been in charge of CID for 11 years and three months serving under two Inspector Generals of Police who include the immediate former Gen Edward Kale Kayihura and Martin Okoth Ochola. 

In her media brief about the achievements she made in 11 years, Akullo cited dismantling 39 criminal gangs that were engaging in armed robberies, kidnaps, and murders as well as attacking investors. 

Some of the cases Akullo listed as a success include investigating the recent Allied Democratic Forces terror bombings.  Uganda experienced terror bombings in October and  November 2021 where five civilians and four suspected suicide bombers died.

Other cases include the kidnapping and murder of social worker Maria Nagirinya in 2019, Susan Magara in 2017, and the infamous Old Taxi Park kidnaps where students were kidnaped, raped, and murdered.

Akullo also cited the ongoing trial of suspects in the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his bodyguard Kennedy Erau and driver Godfrey Wambewo in 2017.

The assassination of Muhammad Kirumira in 2018, the murder of Maj Muhammad Kiggindu in 2016, and Sheikhs killings like Hassan Kirya, Mustafa Bahiga, and Abdul Muwaya as successfully investigated because the suspects are being tried in the High Court. 

Not all investigations have been successful during Akullo’s tenure. She listed the assassination of State prosecutor Joan Namazzi Kagezi in 2015, the assassination of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga in 2018, and the disappearance of a Dutch national in Murchison Park in 2015 as some of the high profile cases where no suspects have been apprehended to date.  

Outgoing Joint Chief of Staff Maj Gen Jack Bakasumba presided over the handover ceremony. 

Maj Magambo who will be addressed by the police’s highest rank of AIGP was moved around the various departments and offices for familiarization.

Maj Gen Bakasumba later introduced AIGP Magambo to Senior detectives and later presided over a meeting where the media was not allowed.

By press time, the proceeds of the indoor meeting had not been made known. Equally, Akullo’s destination is not known since she has an indefinite contract and has nine years ahead to hit 60 years of retirement.

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