scrap dealers in Hoima are stealing these man hole covers

Hoima City authorities want the operations of the metal scrap business suspended following the massive theft of solar batteries and solar panels.

According to the city authorities, several solar panels, batteries on major streets within the city center have been stolen by scrap dealers.   The most affected streetlights whose batteries and solar panels have been stolen are on Kwebiha, Bunyoro Kitara, Republic, Coronation, Kabalega, Main, and Kabalega streets.

Statistics in the City indicate that between December last year to March this year, more than 100 manhole covers have been stolen.

Brian Kaboyo, the Hoima City Mayor says they want operations of scrap business in the area halted in order to avert the massive destruction of key government projects.

Kaboyo has challenged Hoima city residents to own the various government projects being undertaken in the area and jealously guard against their destruction.

Samuel Kisembo, the Resident City Commissioner- RCC says it is unfortunate that Hoima city residents have now turned to destroy government projects. He says that security has vital information that the stolen solar panels, manhole covers, and batteries end up in the hands of scrap dealers. 

Kisembo says security will liaise with the city authorities to chase away scrap dealers in the city adding that a decision will be taken very soon.

According to our sources a scrap dealer who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity says that some of their colleagues steal some of the manhole covers and solar batteries erected on various roads in the city center. He wants the city authorities to embark on fresh registration of scrap dealers.

Currently, there are over 200 scrap dealers operating in various parts of Hoima city. 

In 2019, Hoima Municipal Council before being elevated into a city status lost 140 million Shillings in thefts of manhole covers.

The covers had been fixed on seven roads under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructural Development Project –USMID.

This was after thugs allegedly stole the manhole covers erected on various roads and varnished with them.  

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