Hon. Phiona Nyamutooro has vowed to tirelessly champion the interests of the nation and ensure that Uganda’s mineral wealth benefits all citizens, particularly those in marginalized communities.

Taking the helm as the Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development (Minerals) following her recent appointment by the President, Hon. Nyamutooro expressed her gratitude and commitment to serving the country.

“I accept the role of Minister of State for Mineral Development with humility and a profound sense of responsibility. It’s a true honor to serve my country in this capacity,” she stated.

She emphasized the importance of integrity, transparency, and inclusivity in guiding the journey towards progress and prosperity, calling for collaboration to achieve a thriving Uganda where every citizen can thrive.

Under the auspices of Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, Nyamutooro acknowledged the vast potential of Uganda’s mineral resources to drive economic growth and improve livelihoods and she pledged to harness this potential sustainably and inclusively, representing Uganda’s youth.

Hon. Nyamutooro also expressed gratitude to her predecessor, Dr. Peter Teko Lokeris, for his dedicated service, affirming her commitment to building upon his legacy.

“I’m grateful for the trust placed in me by President H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the people of Uganda,” she remarked.

In her address, Hon. Nankabirwa emphasized the transformative power of Uganda’s mineral resources in driving socio-economic development. She urged the new Minister to prioritize sustainable practices and recognize that these resources belong to all Ugandans.

“Together, we will unlock the potential of our resources, foster economic growth, and create an Uganda where every citizen shares in our collective prosperity,” she concluded.

“I’m confident that you will bring a fresh perspective, a dedication to sustainability, and an understanding of the common ownership of these resources,” she added.

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