In the bustling streets of Kampala, a small yet extraordinary clothing brand named “Edgar Yo” is weaving its way through the fabric of time, inspiring others to embrace fashion with a conscience.

Muhanguzi Edgar, a Makerere University Industrial Fine Art graduate, is the visionary behind this brand. His dream was not just to create a brand, but to manifest a testament to passion, creativity, and a love for fashion.

Edgar’s journey began in 2020 in his home village (Nkere), driven by a desire to create a brand rooted in the ghetto and inspired by prominent icons like Eddy Kenzo you used to empower them to lift them selves, society and others. He spent endless nights sketching designs and stitching fabrics together. His passion for fashion soon attracted a small team of dedicated individuals who shared his vision.

“I wanted to give purpose to the brand. I knew that with resilience and hard work, the brand would give hope to the ghetto youth by awakening latent talents and providing employment opportunities. We aim to use fashion as a tool to achieve this,” Edgar told our reporter.

The brand “Edgar Yo” was inspired by the movement of fingers when making a fist, symbolizing faith, hope, joy, and continuity even in the face of adversity. “In the ghetto, fist bumps are a symbol of respect, approval, and companionship,” Edgar explained.

As the “Edgar Yo” brand gained recognition, its unique blend of style, comfort, and conscience began to attract people from all walks of life. Each garment, whether a t-shirt made from organic cotton, capes, sweater shirts, conceptual fashion or a hoodie, tells a story of mindful craftsmanship and conscious consumerism.

In an industry dominated by fast fashion and mass production, Edgar admitted that staying true to his principles was challenging. 

“There were moments of doubt and uncertainty when it seemed like the “Edgar Yo” brand might fade into obscurity. However, he refused to compromise on his values, and his perseverance paid off,” he noted.

Despite the brand’s growing success, Edgar has remained grounded, never forgetting the core values that guided him from the beginning. “Edgar Yo isn’t just a brand; it is a movement towards a more sustainable, ethical, and beautiful world,” he reiterated.

Currently, Edgar conducts much of his business online a venture he claims has eased his business more in this challenging economy.

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