Local leaders in Kotido and Kaabong districts have expressed serious concern over the resurgence of insecurity after eight months of peace in North Karamoja. The northern parts of Karamoja, including Abim, Kotido, Kaabong, and Karenga districts, experienced peace for the last eight months following peace dialogues, which led to the voluntary surrender of illegal guns to the authorities.   

However, after security forces shifted operations to the southern parts of the region, where the Pokot community in Amudat District conflicted with neighboring districts in the Nakapiripirit and Nabilatuk sub-regions, insecurity has resurfaced between the Jie community in Kotido and the Dodoth community from Kaabong District.   

The situation escalated on March 9th, 2024 when suspected Turkana warriors raided 32 cows from Kakamar Sub County in Kaabong District. The cows were traced to the border with Turkana in Kenya, where they were believed to have been taken.  A week later, reports circulated that Dodoth armed warriors intercepted the Turkana warriors, killing two and impounding the cattle. 

Instead of returning the cattle to the owners, the warriors slaughtered some for beef, notifying the community that only 11 cows remained.   Joseph Tikol, LCIII chairperson of Kakamar Sub-county, expressed frustration in recovering the remaining cows as the warriors constantly changed locations in the wilderness. Despite pleas, the warriors continued to slaughter cows, selling the meat secretly to the community.  

Tikol highlighted three village raids within two weeks, with locals living in fear due to thin security on the ground. He feared the situation might worsen, similar to previous raids that spread throughout the districts.  

Judith Natuk, a community mobilizer, warned of escalating insecurity as some warriors refused to surrender their guns. She noted fresh attacks, urging joint efforts to apprehend wrongdoers and recover stolen firearms.

Meri Jino, LC5 chairperson of Kaabong District, appealed for peace to foster development, emphasizing the region’s history of insecurity hindering service delivery and causing loss of lives.  

John Bosco Akore, Secretary of Kotido Elders Council, stressed urgent attention to the security situation, faulting Dodoth for not reporting Jie cattle thefts. He condemned the killing of an unidentified elder in Turkana raids, urging elders to promote peace.

Maj Gen Don Nabasa, UPDF 3rd Division Commander, acknowledged the resurgence of insecurity between Jie and Dodoth communities. He pledged enhanced security deployments and urged community cooperation to eradicate wrongdoers for peace and development.

The leaders emphasized the importance of collaboration between security agencies and communities to address insecurity and foster development in North Karamoja.


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