by Sheikh Zubair Serunjogi

The holy month of Ramadan and the International Quds Day is one of the suitable opportunities to address the issue of Palestine, which Muslims should appreciate with their conscientiousness and take steps towards solving this issue.

For more than 70 years, the Zionist terrorist and child-killing regime has been harassing the souls of Muslims around the world by usurping the land, destroying homes and killing the oppressed people of Palestine.
In the meantime, the tyrannical and arrogant American government and some of its unwilling and puppet European governments, with their military, political and media support of this barbaric Zionist regime, revealed their true face and proved that words like Human rights, women’s and children’s rights, democracy, etc. have no real use and are only a tool in their hands to achieve their political goals and sell their military weapons to this beastly regime. Possession of one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world by the Zionist regime and keeping hundreds or thousands of nuclear weapons and mass killings there is proof of this claim.

Weapons that are kept in the warehouses of this criminal regime not only confront the oppressed people of Palestine, but also dominate the Islamic world and the Middle East region.
You have certainly seen or heard the brutality of this regime many times in the past six months in news agencies and media. Genocide and the killing of about 33,000 people and the wounding of about 80,000 people, most of whom are Palestinian women and children, the killing of about 140 journalists, the killing of about 170 UN employees, the attack on hospitals and their destruction and the killing of patients, the attack on Schools and their destruction and the killing of students, the rape of a number of Palestinian women in the presence of their husbands while their hands were tied, and recently the attack on diplomatic and political places and their destruction and the killing of diplomats, are only a part of the crimes of this. The diet is wild and animalistic.
Of course, the resistance and standing of the Palestinian people and the failures of the Zionist regime in the past six months is a divine and praiseworthy phenomenon.

The fact that the Zionist regime is killing women and children with all its military equipment and the support of the world’s oppressive powers shows that this regime is not able to deal with the resistance forces and defeat them.

The unity and brotherhood of Muslims and knowing the enemy and confronting his plans, is a basic solution to solve the problems of Muslims, and at the top of them is the issue of Palestine. Strengthening the spirit of brotherhood and empathy among Muslims in defense of the cause of Palestine is the main goal of Imam Khomeini in naming the World Quds Day. According to the verses of the Qur’an and hadiths and narrations from the Holy Prophet and the infallible imams; Confronting the oppressor and defending the oppressed are part of the inherent duties of every Muslim. Here it is necessary to express my appreciation and thanks to all nations and governments that defended the oppressed people of Palestine with their various political, economic, legal and military means.
The government of South Africa, which itself was under apartheid for many years and was freed from that problem by the efforts of great people like Nelson Mandela, by suing the Zionist regime and condemning it in the International Court of Justice, has given itself a golden leaf in the history of the world.

The government of Yemen, with all its courage, prevented these ships from reaching their destination in the Red Sea with the aim of putting the ships carrying weapons and ammunition, fuel and other needs of the Zionist regime in the Red Sea.

The resistance groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen who selflessly inflicted deadly blows on the body of this fake regime.
We pray that Almighty Allah punish the oppressors who kill innocent people in broad daylight.

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