Security authorities have recommended shooting on-site criminals found vandalizing solar street lights installed along streets in Kabale municipality.

Authorities revealed the recommendation on Friday afternoon during the commissioning of a shilling 1.99 billion solar street light project under Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) program with funding from World Bank. 

The solar lights installed along the Stadium area, Katuna, Mukombe, Johnson, Jackson, Kisoro, Mukombe,Rwakiseta Kazooba, Muhumuza  and Rugarama roads with an aim of reducing insecurity at night, easing night movement of locals and beatification of the town in preparations for elevation to city status.   

But, Peter Nkurunungi, the Director of Geses Uganda Limited, a company that was contracted to carry out installation of the lights explains that though the works had been scheduled to be done completed by June 6- August 6 2023, in accordance to contract terms, it failed to be achieved after criminals started vandalizing and stealing solar panels, batteries and bulbs. 

He says that the vandals would target the lights during night hours. Nkurunungi says that 17 cases of vandalism were registered causing the company to incur more expenses of about 60 million shillings to replace the stolen accessories.  He calls upon municipality and security authorities to put means of guarding the lights if they are to serve the purpose.   

Nkurunungi was backed by Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha , and Justin Barekye saying that their repeated reporting of vandalism cases to security authorities in the area did not stop the act.  They say as a result, municipal authorities have said a  reward of shillings 1 million will be given to any person that hands over any person caught vandalizing the street lights since they are enemies of development.  

Godfrey Nyakahuma,  Kabale Resident District Commissioner and Elly Maate, police spokesperson for Kigezi region say that security is aware of the matter saying that they have already agreed to have any  person found red handed vandalizing the solar lights be  shot on site and neutralized.    

Maate and Nyakahuma explain that vandalizing such street lights also destabilizes the effectiveness of security cameras installed along several roads in the Municipality. They add that neutralizing culprits on site will act as a lesson to others with the same intentions.  


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