The former Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga and the NRM Secretariat Publicity Director, Emmanuel Dombo have joined the rest of Ugandans to condemn the resolution made by Parliament to give the family of the former Governor Emmanuel Mutebile the official residence belonging to Bank of Uganda.

They both said Parliament’s ridicule the reputation of Mutebile, a man credited with turning around the economy from a near collapse decades ago.

“The manner in which the issue of the house for Prof Mutebile was brought to the floor vulgarised the legacy of a great Ugandan,” said Kadaga.

The First Deputy Prime Minister appealed to Bank of Uganda to instead use the available policies to guide in settling the terminal benefits of Mutebile.

“I believe the Bank of Uganda has a clear policy on terminal benefits,” Kadaga said.

Meanwhile Dombo, just like Kadaga, said the introduction of the debate on the honorable floor of Parliament demeaned the reputation of Mutebile.

“With due respect to whoever conjured this discussion, it totally demeans the accolades that have been showered to his iconic career as transformer of the economy. I know if he was alive, him being a Mukiga Kashushu, he wouldn’t entertain that crap,” Dombo said.

He also called on Ugandans to denounce and disassociate with the Parliament position.

“The other remaining Bakiga, if they care, and all Ugandans of goodwill should condemn this type of postulation! For sure, if a pensionable former PS/ST and Governor BOU for 20 years cannot afford a decent home wherever, then who will?” he asked.

Dombo said it is possible the haters of Mutebile came up with the debate.

“This is not a befitting debate because it is diversionary. It might be his haters who advised the widow, if indeed she made that cry, to come up with that version,” Dombo said.

He concluded by demanding for the removing of the debate on Mutebile’s house from the record of Parliament.

“Actually the purported amendment to the motion of tribute should be expunged from the records, the Hansard because it sets a very bad precedent and undermines the intention of the motion. May the soul of Prof Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile Rest In Peace.”

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