In a press briefing held at the Media center on Monday, government unveiled plans for the Kampala City Marathon, a bold initiative aimed at elevating Uganda’s profile on the global stage while promoting health and fitness among its citizens.

Organized by the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Presidential Advisory Committee on Export and Industrial Development (PACEID), in collaboration with the private sector, the marathon seeks to showcase Uganda’s rich socio-cultural and economic heritage. Additionally, it aims to combat non-communicable diseases by encouraging physical activity as a lifestyle choice.

This ten-year project is geared towards branding Kampala City and Uganda as premier tourist destinations, with the ultimate goal of generating revenue for the country. Anticipated to become one of Africa’s top marathon races, the event promises to draw tens of thousands of visitors, offering them a taste of Ugandan hospitality and the opportunity to witness the nation’s renowned long-distance running tradition.

Scheduled for December 2024, the marathon will feature multiple race categories, including the full marathon, half marathon, and shorter distances, catering to both elite athletes and recreational runners. The Ministry of Education and Sports, alongside the Uganda Athletics Federation and the private sector, will spearhead the organization of the event, with support from experienced international marathon organizers, Golazo.

Beyond the races themselves, the marathon presents a platform to showcase Uganda’s natural beauty and diverse cultures, as well as to promote local businesses. Festivities surrounding the event will include cultural displays, entertainment, and a Hall of Fame to honor marathon champions. Moreover, safari packages will be offered to participants eager to explore Uganda’s renowned tourist destinations.

While the government takes the lead in organizing the annual event, it calls upon all Ugandans to actively participate and embrace the marathon as a national endeavor. H.E the President of Uganda, a staunch advocate for physical activity, has pledged full funding for the initial years of the marathon, with plans for sustainability through private sector support and event proceeds thereafter.

Government emphasized the importance of public and private sector collaboration in ensuring the success of the Kampala City Marathon and It extended gratitude to the media for its role in promoting sports and pledges ongoing support for initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of Ugandans.

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