A suspect being arrested (courtesy photo)

The Katakwi Grade One Magistrate’s Court has remanded the Katakwi District Physical Planner, Martin Aleli to prison for allegedly defrauding residents in land transactions.

Aleli is charged with four counts of disobedience of statutory duty and fraudulent land demarcations in Katakwi districts between 2010 and 2024. He is also accused of Neglect of Duty.

The prosecution indicates that Aleli fraudulently demarcated land including Plot 132 Block 3, plot 48 Block 3, and Plot 100 Block 3. The charges further accuse him of failing to provide proper planning for plot 132 block 3.

The Katakwi Grade One Magistrate, Agnes Abalo remanded Aleli to Katakwi government prison until February 26, 2024, for the bail application.

Aleli’s troubles came to the limelight when some of the residents reportedly complained to leaders about being extorted during the land demarcation in Katakwi.

However, Aloysius Onyait,  Aleli’s lawyer presented the bail application which was objected to by the Katakwi State Attorney George Angena, who argued that since the investigations are still ongoing, granting the accused a bail will jeopardize the investigations.


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