Two of the three geologists who were killed by the cattle raiders in Karamoja

A team of security and peace leaders from Turkana County in Kenya has arrived in Moroto to join hands with Uganda security personnel and peace actors to hunt for the group of Turkana pastoralists accused of killing three geologists and two UPDF soldiers on Monday in Moroto.

Three geologists were killed on Monday afternoon together with two UPDF soldiers who had escorted them to pick soil samples in Lokisilei village in Lotisan sub-county in Moroto district.

After the incident, UPDF and Police dispatched heavily armed personnel to hunt for the killers believed to be hiding along the border of Turkana and Karamoja.

The Kenya team headed by Mr Immana Icor the cross-border peace ambassador between Kenya and Uganda arrived in Moroto on Thursday.

Speaking to our reporter on Thursday evening, Mr. Immana said the killing of three geologists by alleged Turkana pastoralists grazing their livestock in Karamoja was so hurting and irritating. 

Immana said they would not sit back without seeing ways to deal with issues.

He said Kenya does not condone criminality, adding that those involved in the killing of the geologists will be brought to book.

“We have put a surveillance team on the Kenyan side, should they try to cross back, they will be got and face the law,” he said.

AIP Micheal Longole the Karamoja regional Police spokesperson said that Ugandan security has always been in touch with the Kenyan counterpart whenever there is a problem.

“We have always been working together with our counterparts whenever the Turkana misbehave and cross back to Kenya, “he said.

Brig Balikudembe the 3rd division commander said the Turkana pastoralists have abused their freedom of grazing their livestock in Uganda.

Turkana are the second largest group of pastoralists in Kenya who keep on crossing to Uganda in search of pasture and water.

Currently, they are about 100,000 Turkana grazing their livestock in Karamoja region.

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