Kaabong district leaders are irked by the lack of computer skills among their staff. They say this has affected several government programs and orchestrated poor service delivery. 

They say that community-based officers such as Parish Chiefs and Extension workers, are not performing their duties in line with their job description because many of them do not have any computer knowledge to work with the tools provided for the tasks.

Christopher Lolem, the chairperson of Lobongia Sub County observed that some Parish chiefs have resorted to hiring their children who completed high school to perform official duties involving computer work.

He said that government programs such as the Parish Development Model, National Census, and others have been messed up due to limited knowledge of the digital systems provided.

Kaabong District Chairperson Meri Jino also observed that the Department of Community Services and extension workers have not been performing their duties and cautions that the technical officers need to up their efforts in delivering services to the community. 

Jino urged the staff to commit themselves to work diligently to serve the people and support the implementation of government programs. 

Kaabong Chief Administrative Officer Andrew Chelengat noted that when the government revised the scheme of service and raised the salary scale from U7 to U5 for Parish Chiefs, they expected the district service to have recruited quality staff. He added that it was very unfortunate to learn that some of the officers had little knowledge of computer usage. 

Chelengat observed that some of the officers experiencing computer challenges might have been in the system before the change of qualification and urged them to return to school and learn computer skills to improve their performance.

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