More than 100 pupils in Luwero District are struggling to access learning after a former headteacher evicted a school.

1991, Paul Kyeyune and Jackson Yiga started Kalwe Primary School in Bamunanika sub-county to help the children access education. They sought support from Elim Pentecostal Church which offered assistance to the school and constructed a church near the school.

The directors later asked the government to take over the school. The school has since been getting three million shillings as a capitation grant per term and teachers paid by the government among other support.

Charles Lubega the LCI Chairman of Kalwe village says that Kyeyune was retained as the head teacher and Yiga sold his land to Elim Kalwe Pentecostal which took over as foundation body.

Lubega however says that a row emerged a few years ago when the district attempted to transfer the head teacher to another school which irked the foundation body, parents.

In 2020, Kyeyune wrote to Luwero District Chief Administrative Officer asking the school to be reverted to private ownership, which was granted.

In 2021, Kyeyune sought early retirement from the government and this year the school reopened as a private school in the name of Elim Kalwe Primary School.

Herbert Kigo, the Chairperson of Luwero District Finance Committee says that the district has since relocated its eight teachers together with some learners to the temporary structure at Kibanyi Church of Uganda to ensure that the community doesn’t lose the Universal Primary Education-UPE Programme.

Kigo says that the government with the support of the Non-Government Organization had constructed permanent structures at the old site but it was kicked out with no compensation.

Kigo wants the district to task its lawyer to institute legal proceedings against the head teacher for grabbing the government buildings.

Erastus Kibirango, the LCV Chairperson Luwero, says that a large section of learners stayed behind in the private school and about 116 pupils relocated to another site together with government teachers.

Kibirango says that the Education Department demanded for compensation but Kyeyune promised to offer only 10,000 bricks to enable the district to reconstruct the government school at another site.

Kibirango says that currently, the district is looking for resources to build a new school on land offered by the Church of Uganda but not pursuing legal processes against the headteacher.

Currently, Elim Kalwe Primary School has a population of 500 learners.

When contacted, Kyeyune defended the move saying that he had built a strong network with donors from UK and US through the church who were willing to extend more support to the school as well residents.

Kyeyune added that his transfer was driven by grabbers who wanted to take over the land occupied by the school which Elim Church couldn’t tolerate. He adds that they agreed that they withdraw from the government because the Church had the capacity to run the school as a private entity.

Kyeyune says that the learners stayed behind because the Church sponsors the majority of them and others pay less than 50,000 Shillings as fees to access better education.

He however promised that he will offer the necessary school to the district to construct another community school under the old name of Kalwe Primary School to benefit children who want to study there.

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