Several teachers in Government aided schools in Lira City have laid down their tools over unpaid salaries. Over 1,200 teachers from Lira City .

Some of the teachers last received their salary in January while others in February 2022. Efforts to have the matter solved has been futile. During their meeting held on Thursday last week, the teachers resolved to go on a sit-down strike starting today until their salaries are paid.

On the morning of May 16, the situation at Lango College secondary school was “not very normal” because the teachers were not teaching. Sammy Bob Okino, the head teacher, says that some teachers sat outside waiting for the students to consult them while others did not show up at school. 

Okino says the school is internally recruiting teachers to help the students during this time because they are not sure when their teachers will return to class.

He said, “I have not got any communication from the City about when the salaries will be paid so that we could call the teachers and talk to them so now we cannot talk to them because you know teaching is about motivation to work.”

Albert Lutoo, the deputy Head teacher of Ober Primary school in Lira City West Division, says his teachers accepted to return to class after conducting a small meeting with them.

“For us, we have talked to our teachers and they have accepted to continue teaching because they know that the government will pay their salary and when we do not teach, it will be very difficult to recover the loss so we intend to just continue. We are running normally although the teachers are crying.” He said.

Ambrose Ogwal, a representative of Secondary School Teachers at Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) blamed the technical and political leaders of Lira city for the delay in paying their salary.

Ogwal says they are striking for the shake of their learners because teachers cannot teach well when they are financially incapacitated.

But Edward Kiwanuka Gwavu, the Lira City Town Clerk blamed the challenge on inadequate funding by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

He said the issue is being handled and the teachers have been made aware.

Geoffrey Okot a business man whose children are in different primary and secondary schools in Lira City blames the government for not prioritizing the teachers, saying money is being wasted on other activities that do not develop everyone in the country.

Last year, teachers of Lira City Missed their salaries for September and October. The money was paid in November and December after getting a supplementary budget from the Ministry.

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