The Madi Okollo District Council on Wednesday failed to pass their budget for the next financial year after councilors protested over numerous irregularities in the annual work plan and budget.

The agitated councilors stormed out of the district council hall shortly after Geoffrey Asea, the leader of government business moved the motion to present, discuss and approve the annual work plan and budget for the financial 2024/2025.

Among the anomalies cited by the councilors include, the failure by the technical staff to include the various recommendations during the budget scrutiny process in the final budget and late issuance of copies of the budget documents to councilors.

Benard Leku, the councilor representing Rhino camp sub county explains that  failure to provide councilors with copies of the budget days before the council meeting is an abuse of the council and contravenes the council rules of procedure. He says that the district had only budgeted for 63 million shillings for council allowances as opposed to the expected 120 million shillings.

Teddy Adroko, the female youth councilor faulted the technical arm of the district for not doing due diligence after the key committee recommendations were left out in the final budget.

However, the pleas by the Council Speaker, Faima Letiru who chaired the meeting fell on deaf ears of the angry councilors as they left the council meeting prematurely.

Section 77 of the Local Governments Act, empowers local governments to formulate, approve and execute their budgets and plans. 

Under Article 155 of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda and Section 5 of the Budget Act 2001, all government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments were required to prepare and submit their preliminary detailed estimates of revenues and expenditure for the next financial year. 


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