The deceased is Godfrey Ssenyonga who committed suicide on a tree in a neighbour’s garden after attempting to kill his wife Juliet Nagawa a mother of 12 children.

It is said that Ssenyonga was seen wielding a panga but the children didnt know that it was going to be used to try to kill their mother.

Ssenyoga also accused his wife of adultery whenever she went to visit her parents .

Nagawa had left her matrimonial home in Bukyoola willage ,Masaka District for a number of days till last week when she returned to take care of her children.On her return ,Ssenyonga still went on to threaten Nagawa to kill her.

Some of the children who talked to our reporter say that it was about 8pm when their father (Ssenyonga ) first attacked their mother and had a quarrel with her while she was in the kitchen cooking supper ,that is when he got a panga and used it to cut her.

The children made an alarm that is when he took off while Nagawa ran to Janat Nampijja a neighbour for safety.

Nagawa was rushed to Masaka Regional Hospital while she was bleeding profusely with injuries on her head ,hands and legs .

The children say their parents have been fighting for a long period of time and even lately they had a bitter fight and the children did their best to separate them.

Ramathan Kasibante ,Defence of Bukyoola village says the issue of the man selling their family land for farming and they were only with the house annoyed the Nagawa since they had 12 children.

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