The leadership in Masaka City Council has considered organizing hygiene contests in schools and household levels as the response to the apparent high levels of filthiness in the area.  

Michael Mulindwa Nnakumusana, the Chairperson for Nyendo-Mukungwe Division says the competitions are intended to challenge the communities to improve their general hygiene conditions right from the household levels in schools where hygiene will be deliberately integrated into their study materials.

He says for a long time, they have been struggling with mobilizing communities to improve their general hygiene standards but with a very slow response, hence the need to invent new approaches to realizing the objective.

In addition to giving priority and extra support to schools with quality sanitation levels, Mulindwa indicates they also intend to offer a one-year education sponsorship to a family whose child emerges as the winner in the community sanitation contest.

He made the revelation on Tuesday at the installation of the Buganda cultural Parish Chief of Mukudde zone, Nyendo-Ssenyange division Masaka City.

Mulindwa said that the contest will be based on proper solid waste management at household, school, and community levels, the ability to convert garbage for reuse, and maintaining the general sanitation levels in their surroundings.

He says the division council has also considered teaming up with the Buganda Kingdom structural leadership, to jointly roll out campaigns geared towards improving and ensuring the sanitation levels of their community.

Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, the Member of Parliament for Nyendo-Mukungwe Division challenged the local leaders to cultivate and promote the spirit of community service as an approach to ensuring hygiene at all levels.

He also urged the school administrators, local government, and cultural leaders to check on the growing social habits in the communities that include drug abuse that are risking the future of society.

Sande Kasujja was installed as the Buganda’s representative in Mukudde Parish locally referred to as Mukiise.

He pledged to promote the unity of the people entrusted to him and to encourage discipline and hard work among the youth. Jude Muleke, the Buddu County Chief (Pokino) challenged the parish chief to exhibit a high level of integrity and commitment while executing their responsibility.  


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