Concerned residents and meat dealers in Mbale City are urging for the immediate shutdown of a local abattoir, citing significant health risks posed by its substandard hygiene practices.

Located in the Industrial Area and unchanged since its establishment in the 1960s, the abattoir has become a focal point for sanitation concerns, with ongoing complaints about its poor cleanliness and upkeep.

Efforts to renovate the facility in 2000, led by businessman Hassan Basajjabalaba of Basajjabalaba Hides & Skins Limited, faltered due to disagreements with authorities, leaving the infrastructure in a state of disrepair.

Chairman of the Mbale City abattoir, Mr. Badru Mukasa, lamented the deteriorating conditions, highlighting the accumulation of stagnant water mixed with blood and animal waste as potential breeding grounds for diseases like cholera.

Meat dealer Mr. Joseph Sseleko described the situation as deplorable, noting the absence of basic amenities such as running water, electricity, and proper fencing, which have led to the loss of livestock and compromised hygiene standards.

Mr. Kassaja Musa, the speaker of Mbale Industrial City Division, acknowledged the dire state of the abattoir and attributed the neglect to the city council authorities’ inaction, emphasizing the urgent need for intervention to prevent further health risks.

In response to mounting pressure, disgruntled meat dealers are contemplating boycotting the facility until adequate measures are taken to address the longstanding sanitation issues.

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