The Ministry of Works and Transport has directed all senior government officials and politicians, who drive themselves to acquire driving licences within three months. After this deadline, those found driving without a license will be treated according to the Traffic and Road Safety Act and other relevant laws of Uganda.

This comes amidst sustained complaints about violations of traffic regulations by drivers that the State Minister for Transport Fred Byamukama called ‘working class’. According to him, these drivers intimidate traffic police officers with their titles when they have committed an offence, but also misuse government vehicles.

The minister says they should either leave the duty to their drivers or get licenses, whether it is an official vehicle or a personal one.

Byamukama was inspecting the facilities at the Uganda Security Printing Company, which is responsible for the processing of driving licences.

Three years ago, the company was given the mandate to produce and issue licenses on behalf of the ministry, while maintaining or improving the standards that had been exhibited by its predecessor, Face Technologies Ltd.

He says no one should give the excuse of difficulties in getting the license, since the efficiency in the process has greatly improved from 75 to almost 100 per cent, a great achievement by the USPC. He says, for example, that recently when he wanted to renew his license, it took him less than 25 minutes, adding that the system has greatly done away with incidents of bribery.

USPC Managing Director, Dr George Mugerwa attributed the improved efficiency to easy collaboration between the company and other government agencies especially the Ministry of Works. He said that now they are focusing on extending the services beyond the centre so that  it will be easy to acquire the licenses even in the rural areas

Minister Byamukama said their outreach exercises have seen close to 12,000 people get licenses without going to the headquarters. He added that a System is being put in place to ensure that all services, including banking and revenue services, will be done within the premises, and replicated upcountry.


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