The Ministry of Water and Environment on Monday kicked off a week-long engagement roadmap aimed at rallying Ugandans to conserve the environment and embrace healthy living.

The week-long event that will end on March 4 started with a tree-planting exercise in Fort Portal City. Albert Orijabo, the Assistant Commissioner, Directorate of Water and Resource Management in the Ministry of Water and Environment noted that currently there are several threats like climate change and population growth in the region which need to be addressed.

However, he assured that the Ministry has put in place measures to address these challenges like developing the River Nyamwamba catchment plan that intends to identify stakeholders along the catchment and enlighten them on how they can mutually lead dynamics of the hydrological systems. He added that Community clean-up drives and tree-planting exercises will be done during the week to promote environmental stewardship and enhance the resilience of local ecosystems.

Dr. Brian Guma, a team leader at the Albert Water Management Zone under the Ministry of Water and Environment, these hands-on activities encourage active participation from citizens and foster a sense of collective responsibility towards environmental protection. During this period, the public will be educated about the importance of preserving water resources and promoting sustainable practices to ensure access to clean water.


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