Mission Aviation Fellowship is on the spotlight for defying President Yoweri Kaguta’s directive of handing over Kanjjansi Airfield to the Government of Uganda.

On top of defying the presidential directive, MAF management has continued mistreating other users of this airfield to the extent of over-charging them.

In February 2023, the President of the Republic of Uganda, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wrote to the Minister of Works and Transport, Hon. Gen Katumba Wamala requesting MIF to hand over the airfield to the Government of Uganda.

The letter from the president clearly showed that MAF was using the Kajjansi airfield for more than 25 years on contract but he was not ready to renew their contract which is expired.

The airfield is owned and operated by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), an international Christian humanitarian relief and development organisation.

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