70 year old Veronica Nekesa and her daughter Nasio Baseke, have been confirmed dead after being struck dead by lightning during the Monday night rains in Nakigo village, in Malongo sub county, in Mayuge district.

The duo were struck dead while in their grass thatched house, which also caught fire after the lightening strike.

Ismael Ntale, who stays in the neighbouring house located about 10 meters, away says that he heard a big blast at about 3:00am and he tightened his house door, only to notice  flames from his mother’s hut.

Ntale says that he broke into the burning house only to notice the lifeless bodies of his mother and sister lying on the ground, which confirmed his suspicion that they had been struck dead by lightning.

Ruth Namala, a resident in the area says that her hut was partly torched after the lightning strike, but she survived with injuries allover her body and she is currently recieving treatment at a private clinic in the area.

Namala says their area has been experiencing lightning strikes, with registered fatal cases in recent days, pleading that government should purchase lightning conductors and install them at selected points in the area, so as to safeguarding communities from suffering under to such unpredictable strikes.

Erisa Manga, another resident, says that the only primary school in their area lacks a lightning conductor, which jeopardizes the safety of learners in situations where rains are consistent, characterized with lightning strikes and hailstorms.

Meanwhile, the L.C.V chairperson of Mayuge district, Frank Tibagendaka, confirms the incident, adding that they are in touch with responsible government entities and development partners to ensure installation of lightning conductors in risky areas.


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