Nakaseke District Woman MP, Sarah Najjuma, has expressed concern over the state of staff quarters of Ngoma Healthcare IV, which she says, is unpleasant and dismaying.

Najjuma who was on Monday in Ngoma Town Council in Nakaseke North on her role as a legislator, of monitoring and evaluating Government funded programs in the Constituency, says health services providers in the facility deserve better accommodation if they are to effectively execute their duties.

MP Najjuma together with the District Chief Administrative Officer, interacting with some of staff members at Ngoma Health Centre IV.

She noted that some buildings do not only leak when it rains, but are also in a state of disrepair and ruin as a result of old age and neglect.

The lawmaker further established that its CBC machine for blood examination has no reagents which affects performance of related tests.

As such, Najjuma revealed that she will, with immediate, raise the concern with the offices concerned for an action to be taken.

The MP has intensified evaluation of government projects in the area. Last week, she vowed to block additional funding for the ongoing construction works on Gomero-Migani-Kagongi-Buwana road because of being shoddy and substandard.

Hon Sarah Najjuma in one of the laboratories at Ngoma Health Centre IV.

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