Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) is calling on the Inspector General of Police, the chairperson of Uganda’s joint forces command, and relevant agencies to take immediate and decisive action to protect Dr. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo from potential threats to his safety and professional duties.

Dr. Ssentongo recently revealed on his official Twitter account that Parliament has covertly requested the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for access to his communication details, raising concerns about his privacy and safety.

“It is regrettable that such actions are taken in response to public calls for accountability. The growing impunity within our systems should alarm us all, regardless of our political affiliations. The current state is unsustainable and poses risks not only to us but also to future generations,” Dr. Ssentongo expressed.

MUASA emphasized the gravity of these threats, especially in light of recent reports of individuals being detained without communication.

“We vehemently oppose these threats and assert Dr. Ssentongo’s academic and constitutional rights, as outlined in Chapter 4 of Uganda’s 1994 constitution,” MUASA stated.

The association stressed that academic freedom is essential for all its members and academic professionals nationwide, emphasizing the need for an environment where scholars can work without fear of reprisal.

“Any infringement on Dr. Ssentongo’s academic freedom undermines the academic liberties of all MUASA members and academics globally,” MUASA affirmed.

About the Exhibition.

On February 26, a group of activists led by renown professor Jim Spire Ssentongo started an online exhibition on X formally Twitter after an online poll revealing 95% votes of final results in favor of exhibiting the Parliament and its members.

Dubbed #UgandaParliamentExhibition, the hash tag has since exposed corruption, nepotism and sheer mismanagement of the nations affairs which has left Ugandans in dire shock questioning the credibility of an institution supposed to be accountable for state matters.

Amongst the biggest revelations, included the speakers $4000 per diem while out of the country, the allocation of public resources for private gain using a public office, the costly meetings, conferences and workshops attended by several members plus several junior staff of parliament who receive money on their accounts on behalf of the speaker.

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