On Sunday, June 9, India’s Narendra Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister for his third five-year term following a highly contested election that led his party to form a coalition government.

Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unanimously chose him as their leader on Thursday after winning 240 seats in the lower house of parliament, falling short of the 272 seats needed for a clear majority.

In his statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, President Museveni congratulated His Excellency Narendra Modi and his party upon their victory in their just concluded national elections on behalf of Ugandans.

With 970 million voters and more than 2,600 political parties, India’s election occurred in seven phases from April to June, with different parts of the country voting at different times.

“The people of Africa share common aspirations and goals with Indians. When India won her independence in 1947, Africans were inspired to fight and overthrow the yoke of colonialism. Today, all of Africa enjoys political freedom,” part of the statement read.

“We therefore recognize India as a strategic ally. The people of India and Uganda share common interests, including the pursuit of peace and prosperity. We will continue working together to ensure the well-being of our citizens,” he added.

The 73-year-old Modi is set to govern the most populous country on earth, with about 1.4 billion people.

Despite declaring victory, Modi’s BJP faced significant setbacks in key states, including Uttar Pradesh, where it lost to a rival party in two high-stake seats.

Other states where the BJP suffered losses included West Bengal, the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where all 39 seats went to the opposition coalition, and Manipur, where the BJP won no seats.

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