A section of Namayingo district councilors want the executive committee to account for the funds allocated to Namayingo Community FM station.

The radio station, 91.7 FM was 2022 donated to the Namayingo district by a section of non-governmental organizations, to mobilize local communities to embrace government programs in health, education, and economic enhancement.

The councilors argue that the radio station was allocated 600 Million Shillings in the last financial year of 2023/2024, however, efforts to demand accountability have been futile. 

According to the councilors, the council unanimously approved the allocation of 87 Million Shillings to the same radio, but the district executive has never explained how the funds were spent.

Rajib Buyungo, the male youth councilor says that he is a member of the community radio’s governing board, however, their superiors are adamant regarding accountability queries.  According to Buyungo, some staff spend months without pay, yet the radio is allocated operational funds.

Buyungo also wants accountability for the funds from radio adverts. “There are dozens of NGOs operating in Namayingo district, with most of them advertising their programs for this radio station, however, there has never been proper accountability for such revenues, raising suspicion on the beneficiaries of such funds,” he says.

David Okumu, the male councilor representing Sigulu Islands says that the district should hire external auditors.

Namayingo LCV Chairperson, Ronald Sanya says that most of the funds have been spent on servicing the radio equipment, coupled with investments in modern technologies with components of environmental conservation and safety of the employees, but he declined to divulge details.


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