Job Richard Matua, the newly appointed Arua Assistant Resident City Commissioner (RCC), is urging citizens to support his anti-corruption campaign. Speaking during the National celebrations for the 58th World Social Communications Day organized by the Catholic Church at Ediofe Cathedral in Arua city, Matua outlined his three key roles, with combating corruption being his foremost priority. 

Matua emphasized the importance of addressing corruption at the family level, noting instances where men suffer due to misuse of household funds, such as the so-called ‘table money’. He cited an example where a wife might consume a significant portion of the money left for meals and pocket the remainder, labeling this behavior as corruption.   

He urged locals to report any acts of corruption within families to him, emphasizing that such actions foster a culture of corruption within households. Matua asserted his readiness to take action against reported cases, including arresting those responsible.  

Furthermore, Matua highlighted his responsibility to ensure the effective marketing of government programs. As part of his anti-corruption efforts, he intends to target individuals soliciting bribes from potential beneficiaries of government initiatives, such as the Parish Development Model (PDM).  

Matua recounted reports of individuals in Zombo allegedly being coerced into paying bribes to be included in the PDM beneficiary list, which he deemed unconstitutional. 

He urged residents to document instances of bribery using phones and cameras to provide evidence for punitive measures. During the event, Matua criticized the Catholic Church for what he perceived as an insufficient contribution to social development in Arua.    

However, Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, Bishop of Arua Catholic Diocese, defended the Church’s efforts, highlighting its contributions to education, healthcare, and community welfare. Bishop Sabino encouraged collaboration between the Church and government for greater social impact, emphasizing the need for mutual support.

Reflecting on the World Communications Day theme, “Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Towards a Fully Human Communication,” Rt. Rev. Joseph Franzelli, Chairman of Social Communications at the Uganda Episcopal Conference (UEC), cautioned Catholic journalists about the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence, stressing the importance of maintaining human empathy in communication endeavors. He urged journalists to prioritize spreading faith over commercial interests in their work.


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