Ngoma sub-county authorities in Nakaseke district have embarked on registering all workers on farms including casuals due to the increased cases of crime in the area.

Upon registration and vetting, the worker will be issued with a work permit to enable them work in Ngoma.

According to records availed by the territorial police authorities, in a period of six months they have registered theft of four motor vehicles and seven motorcycles which was not the case before.

Ben Nuwamanya the Division Police Commander of Nakaseke district said that there is also a problem of homicide in the area and people dumped in water dams.

He adds that according to the postmortem reports they find that the dead have been killed before being dumped in the water.

Geoffrey Kizza Isanga the chairman Ngoma sub-county said that Ngoma receives a number of people from different areas who come to seek employment as charcoal burners, working on cattle farms, and others in unknown businesses who have threatened the security of the area.

He adds that in six months over 20 motorcycles have been stolen in Ngoma town council alone yet some people don’t report some of these cases to police, they instead get money and buy new ones.

Kizza wants all casual workers to be provided with working permits upon providing valid documents from where they come from, and one without it will not be allowed to work within Ngoma.

He further said that cases in Motor vehicle and motor cycle theft in Ngoma they had never experience, Kizza attributes such vices to the increase in the population by casual workers.

Development research guru Professor Wilber Ahebwa says that the insecurity in the area can sabotage the development of the area since there are a number of people who hope to make investments in the area.

Ngoma sub-county is one of the fifteen sub-counties making Nakaseke district and it’s one of the cattle corridors of the country.

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