The Prime Minister of Uganda, Rt Hon Nabbanja Robinah, has today participated in the ongoing National housing and population census in Uganda.

The enumeration took place Friday morning at her residence in Kinena A Cell, Kakumiro Town Council, Kakumiro district, overseen by a village enumerator, with Dr. Kabagenyi Alen, a UBOS board member, as a witness.

The Prime Minister urged all Ugandans to participate, emphasizing its importance not only as a population count but also as a crucial tool for development and democracy.

The census, spanning 10 days and commencing last night, is a decennial event, with the previous one conducted in 2014.

Accurate census figures are integral to informed planning, policy-making, and program implementation, aligning with national goals and objectives.

Utilizing digital technology, the census aims to streamline data collection, processing, and dissemination of results.

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