In a statement released on Thursday, the National Unity Platform (NUP) concluded, after thorough investigations, that journalists accusing their security team of assault are backed by political actors working against the party.

On Saturday, May 18, journalists including Namusaazi Zainab and Margaret Kayondo alleged they were intentionally beaten by bodyguards of NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi while covering the burial of Pascal Sekasamba in Manga village, Kiseka Sub-county, Lwengo district.

NUP stated that upon learning of the accusations, their communications team, led by the party spokesperson, reached out to both the journalists making the claims and the event attendees.

“The accounts of the incident varied significantly. Onlookers and the accused individuals denied any attack occurred. We requested the affected journalists provide video evidence they claimed to have, but none has been provided so far,” the statement read.

NUP also noted that some of these journalists have consistently used their social media platforms to attack and disparage the party and its leadership.

In the absence of any evidence linking their team to wrongdoing, NUP believes the story is fabricated and politically motivated.

“In fact, some journalists confessed that the camera allegedly vandalized was never at the scene. It was an old, faulty camera used to support these baseless claims,” the statement added.

On the other hand, NUP urged all those that have evidence of their members assaulting journalists to bring it out to them for swift action to be taken.

The statement was issued after various organizations, including the Uganda Parliamentary Press Association, condemned the alleged assault and demanded an apology, compensation for damages, and strict action against those responsible.

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