Opposition legislators have resolved to develop a framework to improve their performance in parliament. The 109 legislators have been clustered in different sector-based groups where each MP can build capacity and interest to debate from an informed point of view.

This was part of the resolutions at the three-day retreat of Opposition MPs held at Imperial Botanical Hotel, in Entebbe. “We have made a number of resolutions from the retreat and we have cascaded the nature of what we need to do. We have agreed on a working framework and as Leader of Opposition, I have been charged with a duty to work on a text…we have clustered our members as part of enhancing each member’s participation but also buttressing our participation in parliament and in the committees,” said Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of the Opposition in parliament.

He noted that this resolution is a very critical outcome of the retreat since it is to empower legislators with adequate knowledge on their areas of interest so that they can represent Ugandans better.

Mpuuga also noted that the Opposition MPs resolved on themes, which they need to deepen the appreciation of their members to play their roles better through committees, plenary and individual roles as Shadow Ministers or Committee leaders.

He said that this is going to be enhanced by a number of activities subsequent to the retreat, including training of the different clusters and supporting the shadow cabinet further in their specific roles as people backstopping their work as the Opposition in Parliament.

Mpuuga also noted that the retreat was intended to enhance the opposition political party’s cohesion and that he believes that they have 100percent established that. He says that this was important because it is easy to misunderstand each other and the kind of direction they want to take as the opposition.

He also noted that the retreat was intended to appreciate, the nature and scope of their duty and obligation as the Opposition in Parliament.

Fortunate Nantongo, the Kyotera Woman MP, says that the retreat energized them more to work towards unity as Opposition leaders and also offer services to their voters.

Frank Kabuye, the Kassanda South MP said that unity as the opposition will help Ugandans more so if they work towards a common goal and ensure the provision of better services to their constituents.

Muwada Nkunyingi, the Kyadondo East MP said that their retreat was also used to remind each other about their responsibilities as leaders and the need for them to demand respect for different human rights in the country.

During the three day retreat, the MPs were addressed by different political party leaders, educated about the salient issues in the Parliament rules of procedure, oriented towards evidence-based debates and decisions, how to become respected legislators- raising the profile of opposition in parliament among others.

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