Former Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has delivered her condolences to the bereaved family of the Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah who passed-on Sunday morning.

He died from Seattle, USA where he was receiving specialised treatment since February 3, 2022.

In her message, Kadaga says, not only Parliament has lost a key leader, but the entire country.

“At this trying moment, I send sincere condolences to the children, the mother and other members of Rt Hon Oulanyah’s family as well as friends and relatives. The NRM party, the Parliament and the Country have lost a key leader Condolences to H.E the President,” Kadaga wrote on Twitter.

Oulanyah deputised Kagada for 10 years in both the 9th and 10 Parliament before succeeding her in 2021 after hotly contested elections.

His death was announced by President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday.

“Countrymen and Countrywomen.
It is with a lot of sadness that I announce the death of the Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, the Speaker of Parliament,” tweeted.

“I got information of this sad news at 10.30am, East African time from People that have been with him and the doctor that was caring for him in the intensive care unit”

“He was a good Cadre. I delayed the announcement so that his children would be informed first,” added the President.

Oulanyah was elected to that position on May 24, 2021, after defeating the former Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga. He served as Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan parliament, from May 2011 until May 2021.

He was also the member of parliament representing the Omoro County constituency, Omoro District, Acholi sub-region, in the Uganda’s Northern Region.

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