The Late Jacob L'Okori Oulanyah when he was still alive.

While addressing mourners in Omoro district ,the father of Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah , Nathan Okori has insisted that his son (Oulanyah) was poisoned.

” I am not mourning in vain , i want to state it clearly that my son was poisoned he even told me about it before his death” says Nathan Okori ,Oulanyah ‘s father.

After saying this Oulanyah’s father returned to his seat in a teary mood .This is not the first time Okori has made allegations that his son was poisoned. A few hours after the news of Oulanyah’s death was announced by President Museveni on March 20, Okori told elders at his home in Omoro that Oulanyah had revealed to him that he was poisoned.

Mzee Okori also adds that his son also was a son of Uganda,who at the time of his death had some initiatives he had set up and he left them incomplete.

I call upon the Prime Minister ,Vice President to tell the President to support these initiatives as a way of promoting his legacy .

He also told the government to finish up his mansion in Omoro so that they raise income from it so as to generate income to raise his children.

Oulanyah had children of school going children including those of Lady Winnie Amoo who couldnt make it to the burial ceremony today because of some reasons .She however promised to Francis Emona ,the brother of Oulanyah that she will bring the children to place a wreath to their father’s grave when they are of age .

However at the time Oulanyah’s father said this there have been pieces of information from Government opposing the rumours that Oulanyah was poisoned.

Dr.Jane Ruth Aceng ,the minister of health while at Parliament where the fallen Speaker was taken on April 5 told the nation that he had died of cancer and multiple organ failure .

Even after the election of a new Speaker at Kololo Independence Grounds on March 25 the Prseident of the Republic of Uganda ,His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni dismissed these rumours about Oulanyah’s poisoning and told the Parliamentarians that the police will come after theose people spreading the rumours .

Oulanyah died on March 20 in Seattle ,USA where he had been rushed after an unknown illness in early February.

Oulanyah will be buried next to one of his wives who died about 13 years ago .

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