Individuals intending to take part in this year’s Canada NRM Chapter Symposium have been advised to process the visas in time to avoid disappointment.

The event which is happening for the second time, will take place from July 7 – 9 in Brampton, Canada.

Fred Kinene, NRM Chairman Canada Chapter, said: “Our members who are interested in participating need to apply for visas using the rightful procedures because the chapter does not get visas for people.”

He made the remarks shortly after meeting Ministers of Presidency and Kampala Milly Babalanda and Minsa Kabanda respectively to share views on how the NRM Canada Symposium for 2023 can be a success.

The leadership of the Canada NRM Chapter meeting Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda.

“I welcome you all to this second Canada NRM Chapter Symposium. This is an opportunity for participants to learn about investment, and how one can be able to partake the vast opportunities in Canada,” Fred Kinene, NRM Chairman Canada Chapter said.

“More so, it will enable interactions with business people interested in investing back home, in a bid to create employment, transfer technology, entrepreneurial ideas, and boost reinvestment in Uganda’s economy,” he added.

Minister Milly Babalanda, MP Kibedi Nsegumire and Fred Kinene pose for a photo after a meeting on the upcoming NRM Canada Chapter Symposium.

Organised by the NRM Canada Chapter, this year’s event which will be held under the theme “Dialogue, Unity and Prosperous Diaspora”, will see participants treated to boat cruise, a tour to the agriculture equipment farms, a wonderful dinner among other activities.

The Canada NRM chapter was formed under the leadership of NRM Volunteers living in Canada to bring together NRM supporters and volunteers under one umbrella association.

The Symposium is aimed at seeing NRM party members and other Ugandans share knowledge on how they can tap into the investment opportunities back home but also to promote Uganda while in Canada.

For some time, the achievements of the NRM government have been overshadowed by opposition propaganda and so, such symposiums help to showcase the good things done.

Ministers Milly Babalanda, Minsa Kabanda and Fred Kinene after the meeting.

Semwanga Javira, the Member of Parliament for Rakai County says this Symposium will unite NRM members in Canada and those in Uganda and also discuss different opportunities.

Lukia Nakadama, the third Deputy Prime Minister, will lead the government delegation.

The event will be used to encourage Ugandan diasporas to embrace dialogue and unity in order to build a robust Diaspora community, which can continuously contribute to the country’s economy.

It will also provide a platform for networking, marketing and business matchmaking, markets’ knowledge sharing, Business to Business/Government to Government meetings, and deal making.

According to organizers, registration is ongoing for all those who will participate in the Symposium with exhibitors paying US D 300 and non exhibitors 220 Dollars payable in post bank Nkurumah Road Branch.

They say, registration will end February 28, 2023 and further information can be got via +164 75614534 (Whatsapp).

The Symposium is sponsored by Patron NRM Southern Africa Chapter Philip Kakuru, NRM Canada Chapter, Forex Bulls and Hill Water.

The first Canada NRM Chapter Symposium took place last year at Niagara Falls where Minister for Energy and Mineral Development, Ruth Nankabirwa represented President Yoweri Museveni.

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