Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, announced that two male refugees are currently in custody on suspicion of defiling an 18-year-old woman with mental disabilities during a wedding ceremony.

Enanga stated that during the wedding, which took place in block 4 of the refugee camp last week, the suspects, identified as Isaac and Okello Emmanuel, allegedly took advantage of the victim, pretending to accompany her until approximately 3 am when they lured her away from the venue.

“After leading the victim approximately 400 meters into the bush, Isaac and Okello Emmanuel allegedly took turns defiling her,” explained Enanga.

Addressing the press during the weekly security briefing, Enanga highlighted that the victim was found two hours later and later disclosed the incident to a relative who then identified the suspects.

The Annual Crime Report of 2023 revealed a total of 12,771 reported cases of defilement to the police, reflecting a 1.5% increase from the previous year nationwide.

The report also emphasized that individuals aged 15-17 were the primary victims of defilement, often targeted while performing domestic chores such as fetching water and firewood, particularly in rural areas.

Previous incidents have underscored the heightened vulnerability of children with disabilities to violence and sexual abuse due to their isolation, dependence on adults, and limited sexual knowledge and awareness.

In response, the police urged the public to raise awareness among disabled individuals to combat bias and protect their rights. “All disabled victims deserve the chance to thrive in a safe environment,” Enanga stressed.

Furthermore, Enanga noted that they are diligently pursuing the case of sexual abuse as a deterrent to potential perpetrators who harm individuals with disabilities, stating, “We have obtained DNA samples from both parties for comparison.”

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