A section of the women who were demonstrating being escorted by police to CPS Kampala

In the rush hours of Monday morning, April 11 there were lots of pictures trending on social media pages showing a group of women who claim to come from the Uganda Housewives Association putting across their dissatisfaction on their husbands.

These women were staged at Mulago, Garden City and Usafi market roundabouts with placards showing some of the reasons why they were dissatisfied with their husbands.

The main reason on most of these placards was calling upon their husbands to increase the up keep money commonly known as “sente za kameeza”. These women claim that the prices of commodities have gone on increasing since last month and have called upon their husbands to also increase the money.

Among other reasons that were captivating to the eyes of the passersby was the issue of the side chics who are spoiling thir marriages. In relation to this the married women also say they need those trips to Dubai.

They said this because their husbands always take those luxurious trips to Dubai with those side chics forgetting the women their married.

According to the placards the women also say they cook nice food at home but their husbands keep eating muchomo and beer and come back home beltching hence leaving the well prepared food cooked by the women .

These women were arrested and advised by police to get off the streets of Kampala and  make a formal communication where they can tell the country about their issues.

These women have set April 13 as the date where they will hold a conference at NCC in Naguru ,Nakawa Division ,Kampala to  address their issues.

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