Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, has firmly stated that the Police did not endorse the marketing campaign promoting the consumption of Jesa Jus as depicted in a controversial advertisement.

In the advert, a traffic officer is depicted being bribed with Jesa Jus during a routine traffic stop, allowing the driver and children to proceed without inspection. The officer is shown saying, “You can go…” while accepting the beverage.

Enanga emphasized that the advert perpetuates negative stereotypes of police interactions with children, encourages bribery, and therefore, the Police strongly condemn it hence urging Jesa company to withdraw the advertisement.

“We demand that the commercial firm remove the traffic police content or the entire advert from all media platforms,” Enanga asserted during the weekly press briefing at Police headquarters in Kampala on Monday.

Enanga also pointed out that the advertisement did not receive permission from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to use a likeness of the traffic police uniform, which is strictly prohibited as Police uniforms are regulated.

Additionally, the Police spokesperson warned that if Jesa company fails to comply, legal action will be pursued through the Directorate of Legal and Human Rights Services.

Furthermore, Police urged all marketers and advertising agencies to obtain authorization before using Police image or content in advertisements.

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