Police in the Savannah region, covering Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola Districts, are urging migrant laborers entering the area to obtain introductory letters to facilitate identification in case of emergencies. 

Sam Twiineamazima, the Savannah Regional Police spokesman, emphasizes that travelers from any part of the country should acquire such letters from LC officials before their journey and present them to the new LC authorities upon arrival at their destination.   

Twiineamazima underscores the importance of these letters in aiding identification and ensuring safety for individuals facing challenges. This request follows new developments in the murder case of a female migrant worker in Luwero.

On Sunday, Luwero police commenced an investigation into the hacking death of a woman following a reported domestic altercation in Vumba Village, Butuntumula Sub-County.   Preliminary findings suggest that the deceased traveled from Namutumba district with her daughter to visit her partner, with whom she had been experiencing domestic issues. 

According to police reports, the suspect, Musana Sosipatero, allegedly strangled and hacked the woman to death on Saturday night. The discovery was made by neighbors on Sunday morning when they heard a child crying and found both the deceased and the suspect in the house. 

The victim, identified as Tebibwa Sharon, was pronounced dead with severe neck wounds, while the suspect was found unconscious, suspected of poisoning himself with rat poison. The deceased, married to Allan Katuramu of Bulamu in Mpigi District, was in a clandestine relationship with the suspect, Musana Sosipatero. 

She had traveled to Luwero under the pretext of visiting a friend who had arranged a job for her as a housemaid. Twiineamazima reveals that the suspect’s employer witnessed him chasing away his wife and children to accommodate the victim. The investigation aims to determine the cause of the altercation that led to the murder and attempted suicide.

Due to the victim’s status as a stranger, police initially faced challenges obtaining her information until contacting her family. Twiineamazima confirms that the suspect is recovering and will continue to cooperate with investigators once fully healed.


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