Fred Enanga the Police spokesperson

Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, has announced that authorities in Soroti West are actively seeking a traditional healer accused of administering a lethal concoction to a 23-year-old bodaboda rider in Adama cell, Soroti district.

According to Enanga, there’s a disturbing pattern emerging in regions like Teso, Lango, and Acholi, where individuals turn to traditional healers for assistance following property loss instead of approaching law enforcement.

Enanga emphasized, “Whenever these traditional healers are consulted, we witness tragic outcomes, with individuals being given toxic substances to ingest, leading to fatal consequences.”

In connection with the recent incident, Enanga disclosed that an LC chairperson, allegedly involved in the ritual where the fatal concoction was administered to villagers, is currently in police custody. The incident resulted in the tragic death of Epyanu Jimmy on February 5.

The sequence of events unfolded when Ochan Tom, a resident of Adama cell, sought the assistance of the traditional healer after his motorcycle was stolen from his residence. At the scene of the crime, the traditional healer prepared a mixture of tea leaves in water, serving it to all present individuals. Shortly after consumption, three residents lost consciousness, prompting family members to organize compensation efforts.

Following the incident, both Ochan’s family members and the traditional healer fled, with law enforcement only managing to apprehend the LC chairperson.

Police are urging residents in these areas to prioritize seeking assistance from law enforcement rather than resorting to potentially lethal measures with traditional healers.

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