Police in Moroto district have recovered a gun belonging to the UPDF from a Karamojong warrior in Nadunget Town Council.

The gun was recovered on Friday at around 9:00 Pm after police were notified by the Nachuka village chairperson who spotted a suspected warrior in the same village carrying a weapon.

John Angella, the LC1 chairperson of Nachuka village spotted a warrior identified as Locur Sagal sneaking into the village with a gun.

Angella notified the Police at Nadunget Police post, who swiftly responded. But the suspect quickly dropped the gun down before escaping.

Michael Longole, the Mt. Moroto Regional Police Spokesperson confirmed the incident stating that the gun has been recovered and the forces are now hunting for the suspect.

Longole noted that the suspect vanished quickly after spotting security officers from a distance. He said that the gun will be submitted to the ballistic experts to verify if the weapon was used in the murders at a certain scene. 

He said that the efforts are ongoing to arrest the warrior and be charged. Longole commended the village chairperson of Nachuka for his effort to report criminals in the community and urged other leaders to do the same to reclaim total peace.

So far, 1165 guns and 8848 ammunition have been recovered from the Karamojong warriors since Usalama Kwa Yote disarmament operations that started in July 2021.


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