President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has lauded the contributions of educated individuals in bolstering the capabilities of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

“We highly value the contributions of educated youth, particularly those in the scientific fields, whose involvement has significantly elevated the caliber of our armed forces,” remarked Gen. Museveni during a lecture delivered on Wednesday, at State House-Entebbe. The occasion marked an opportunity to address a cohort of 89 scientists who had completed a two-month basic military training at Sera-Kasenyi Training School the previous year.

Among the attendees were computer scientists, electrical engineers, IT professionals, software engineers, telecom engineers, mechanical engineers, and civil engineers. Notably, 32 of these scientists expressed a keen interest in pursuing further military training and joining the army.

Reflecting on the historical context, President Museveni highlighted the transformation from an army primarily composed of illiterate individuals, citing it as a pivotal factor in the failures of past regimes under Idi Amin and the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA). He underscored the vital role of educated professionals in shaping a modern army and economy, emphasizing his longstanding commitment to nurturing the youth as agents of change.

Drawing from his personal experiences, President Museveni recalled his training of cadres in Mozambique during the late 1970s, attributing their efforts to laying the foundation for the current robustness of the UPDF. He urged the scientists to pursue their aspirations with conviction, emphasizing the importance of personal choice over external pressures.

Addressing the scientists who opted not to join the armed forces, President Museveni extended congratulations, stressing the significance of pursuing one’s passions. He reassured them of support for alternative career paths, including entrepreneurship, while affirming the voluntary nature of military service.

Furthermore, President Museveni instructed Brig. Gen. Charity Bainababo of the Special Forces Command to facilitate the integration of non-military-bound scientists into other scientific domains, with potential backing for viable private initiatives.

Encouraging a sense of patriotism, President Museveni underscored the ideological principles of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), urging familiarity with its core tenets. He emphasized the need for unity and progress rooted in love for Uganda and a broader Pan-African vision, alongside a commitment to socio-economic transformation and democratic principles.

Brig. Gen. Bainababo highlighted the comprehensive training received by the scientists, covering areas such as military law, political education, physical fitness, weapons proficiency, and basic Kiswahili. Additionally, plans were outlined for the deployment of the 32 scientists expressing a desire for further military engagement.

The lecture, attended by senior officials including Eng. Sheeba Kusasira and Lt Col. Frank Mugume, underscored the ongoing efforts to harness the potential of educated professionals in advancing Uganda’s defense and development agenda.

Monica Mbabazi

Monica Mbabazi is a celebrated multimedia Ugandan Journalist currently working as a news anchor on Top Radio and BTM Television. She is also a writer with Plus News Uganda.

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