President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has pledged to tackle the exorbitant fees associated with acquiring boda boda driving licences, promising relief for operators burdened by the high costs.

Addressing concerns raised by Mr. Frank Mawejje, Chairman of the Kampala boda boda riders, during the passing-out ceremony of 372 boda boda leaders from Kampala and Wakiso District on Saturday, President Museveni assured the gathering of his commitment to reducing licence charges and he acknowledged the disparity between boda boda and motor vehicle licence fees, emphasizing the need for equitable pricing.

“We are aware of the challenges you face, including the unjustifiably high licence charges. We will address this issue promptly,” President Museveni stated, responding to Mawejje’s plea to reduce fees to a more affordable level, ideally around Shs100,000.

Moreover, President Museveni pledged support for operators whose motorcycles had been impounded, promising their release and discussing additional assistance during upcoming engagements.

In addition to addressing licensing concerns, President Museveni commended the efforts of the Patriotism Commissioner, Ms. Hellen Seku, in revitalizing patriotism initiatives and promoting national unity. He underscored the importance of embracing government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga to combat poverty and foster economic growth.

Furthermore, President Museveni emphasized the National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) commitment to prosperity for all, strategic security, and fostering brotherhood to build a robust state. He highlighted the necessity of engagement in productive sectors of the economy, advocating for wealth creation through commercial agriculture, manufacturing, services, and ICT.

The President urged boda boda leaders to champion government initiatives, enhance community cohesion, and resist involvement in illegal activities, emphasizing their pivotal role in maintaining peace and security.

Expressing gratitude for the President’s support, Mr. Mawejje lauded President Museveni’s unwavering backing of the boda boda industry, particularly during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He pledged the operators’ commitment to collaboration with the government in promoting peace and unity across the country.

The event, attended by dignitaries including Members of Parliament, Resident District Commissioners, and UPDF officials, highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to empower and support the boda boda sector for sustainable development.

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