Five police officers in Budaka district are in trouble over the escape of a prime murder suspect from police custody.

The suspects, whose identities have been withheld by the police were on duty when Adam Nasoda, who was locked up for the murder of Sifolonsa Nakelo 31, a salon operator escaped from Budaka Central Police Station on the night of March 24, 2022.

Nasoda was picked up on March 20 for the murder of Nakelo while returning to her home from work. Her body was found lying in a pool of blood in a garden near the Lugwere Bible monument. Immaculate Emily Alaso, the Bukedi North Region Police Spokeswoman, says that the suspect escaped when they were making arrangements to present him in court. 

She explains that the suspect took advantage of the heavy rains to drill through the ceiling of the bathroom where he gained access to the roof and cut the iron sheets leaving five other suspects asleep. Alaso says that they have since arrested five of their own, who were on duty and charged them with neglect of duty. 

After getting information about the escape of the suspect, irate residents stormed the suspect’s house and vandalised it beyond repair. This is not the first time suspects mainly on capital offences are escaping from CPS Budaka.

 In 2019, a hardcore criminal escaped from the station in broad daylight prompting police to shoot in the air one hour later.

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