In Uganda, the pulses industry plays a vital role in bolstering local communities’ socio-economic well-being.

With smallholder farmers predominantly engaged in cultivating beans, peas, and soybeans, there is considerable potential for industry stakeholders to capitalize on the growing population of Uganda and its neighboring countries.

Against this backdrop, Gudie Leisure Farm has announced the Pulses Cottage Industry Symposium—an event aimed at educating current investors on existing opportunities and emerging trends within the industry.

Under the theme “Enhancing Productivity, Profitability, and Competitiveness of MSEs in the Pulse Industry,” the symposium is scheduled for March 4 at the farm premises in Najjera.

Prof. Naiga Gudula, the managing director of the farm, emphasized the pivotal role of pulses value chains in ensuring food security, nutrition, and revenue generation. She highlighted the symposium’s significance in addressing youth unemployment—a pressing issue in the country.

Recent statistics reveal that over 1 million hectares in Uganda are dedicated to pulse cultivation, particularly beans, with a gradual production increase observed between 2008 and 2021.

“The symposium will showcase profitable enterprises across various pulse value chains, along with cutting-edge research and innovations by NARO,” Prof. Gudula explained.

She stressed the symposium’s role as a pivotal platform for key stakeholders, advocating for private sector involvement to attract transformative investments and propel chain development.

Francis Kisirinya, Chief Membership Officer of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, underscored the importance of enhancing competitiveness and sustainability within the pulse sector to maximize investments made by business communities.

Ms. Florence Nampeera, an entrepreneur, expressed enthusiasm among young agripreneurs for the symposium, viewing it as an opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders in building robust pulse enterprises at parish and district levels.

“They eagerly anticipate learning about market dynamics and potential partnerships within the pulse value chain,” she remarked.

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